I am a movie buff.  I am also interested in spirituality, self-improvement and self-empowerment. You may be surprised what my tastes are in films, but spirituality is everywhere. Spirituality is also truth, not just being nice.  Although, I do agree that the sweet truth is more palatable than the brutal truth. Expression of the truth can seem brutal depending on the recipients baggage and how they filter that truth through it.  So what can I say.  People will think what they think and I cannot do anything about it, but express myself.

Truthfully, I’m a movie and television series addict.  My Higher Self gets so little one-on-one time with me, that it has to speak to me through my TV and the DVD’s I play.  The special vibration that our Hollywood Matrix movies and TV shows provide, hypnotize viewers to receive it’s subliminal message.  I enjoy that hypnotic, engaging vibration which distracts me from my unresolved emotional pain and the joy of realizing my full potential in the real world.  But that hypnotic, relaxing feeling also allows me to settle down and that may be when my Higher Self attempts to speak to me. This may also be why I see things in film that others don’t.

I used to have a blog on film where I actually tried to review films from a spiritual perspective. It got me into local film festivals for free so I could review films to help market the festival and feed my film addiction. The more I reviewed film, the more it felt like I was doing book reports; just spitting out the same old thing about production values, walking on eggshells around the filmmaker while trying to see the best in the film.  I really had put myself in a box.  I especially felt like this when local and independent filmmakers sought me out for a free review. It felt like reviewing film was erecting prison walls around my creativity.

I’ve been thinking and feeling for years while working on other people’s films as a production assistant and fledgling script supervisor, “When do I get to make my film?” My mind is constantly flooded with my own creative ideas which I neglect to write out and develop.  I did write, produce and direct my own short film once, called, Psycho-Secretary.  It won a couple of local awards, but I never promoted it because of legal issues with the soundtrack I used. With this short video, I showed myself my potential and also showed myself how well my vibration was attracting like-minded people to my projects.  Just about everyone who helped me with the video opposed my idea at every turn and expressed their lack of understanding of my point of view. But when all was said and done, they were amazed and proud of the video they had helped create. Even though it was a great success, creating the film was also a horrible experience for me. As a result, I have been too wary to try to manifest anymore film projects. My vibration needs some releasing from the confinements of old paradigms, hence this blog.

This blog will not be reviews of movies, so don’t waste your time asking me to review or promote your film or anyone else’s. This blog is going to take films and TV series and make them into a springboard for the expression of my insights, concerns and messages from my Higher Self. Sometimes I may not use any films to create a blog article.  I’m just going to do it my way. The goal of this blog is to find my pure creative impulse and share it with you and thereby manifest my true vibration.